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Nutsedge is a perennial weed in the sedge family. It grows faster than St. Augustine and is most noticeable just prior to mowing. Nutsedge can be controlled with post emergent weed control sprays.

Day Flower is an annual broadleaf weed. It likes moist soils and can be found in both sunny and shady locations of the lawns. It can be controlled with a post emergent weed control spray.  

Crabgrass is an annual grassy weed. It is similar in color to St. Augustine turf during the growing season but can turn brown during the winter months. Currently, post emergent weed controls are not available for treatment of crabgrass in St. Augustine lawns. Pre-Emergent weed controls have shown an ability to slow the spread of crabgrass.   




Dollarweed is a perennial broadleaf weed that is commonly found in St. Augustine lawns. It grows well in moist soil and thrives in over irrigated areas of the lawn. It can be controlled with pre-emergent and post emergent weed controls.

Dollar Weed

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